Electronic Transcripts

Courtrooms have definitely changed over the past couple of decades. We are seeing modern technology change the way we hold court proceedings. In fact, in most modern courtrooms, you’re more likely to find an iPad than a paper calendar.

In the high-paced business world you don’t have time to wait for hard copies to arrive in the mail. Jurisdictions are moving in the direction of paperless filing and electronic transcripts. In addition, Federal Courts, State, and County jurisdictions are joining the practice of adopting electronic formats. Ideally, as a litigator, you should look for a reporting company that leads the way in electronic technologies. Our court reporters in Phoenix will transcribe their information and deliver it to you electronically in the format of your choosing.

One of the first court-reporting firms to offer electronic transcripts in Phoenix is Bamford Reporting Service. 

Bamford Reporting Service is a firm comprised of professional experts that you can count on for complete accuracy when producing electronic deposition transcripts. Nationwide, our services are widely viewed as the standard for electronic transcripts and are commonly used as the standard format for litigators. In addition, we can produce content in other formats, such as PDF and ASCII.

We always make sure what you receive is accurate and arrives quickly. From the convenience of your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you have the ability to review your entire deposition. Bamford Reporting Service also offers video depositions using the highest quality recording equipment, along with real-time deposition services, which allows you to have instant access to a deposition as it’s taking place.

When it comes to page and line integrity, as a litigator, you know accuracy is of the utmost importance. Electronic transcript files ensure all content is easy to read, and thanks to advancements in technology, the content is secured using an electronic signature. This guarantees a 100% tamper-proof file you can feel confident about referencing in court. You’ll also find e-transcript services to be of immense value because they are compatible with many forms of litigation software, including the popular Westlaw Case Notebook. You may also use the free E-Transcript viewer, which can be downloaded from RealLegal.com/Software.asp, to print and review your E-Transcript file. Each file includes a word index for easy keyword searches.

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