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A court reporter in Phoenix, Arizona first and foremost requires a completed certification training program. This certification program defines a court reporter as, “any person who records and transcribes a verbatim record in any sworn proceeding by means of written symbols or abbreviations in shorthand or machine writing in Arizona pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes Title 32, Chapter 40.” This is the official technical description, but chances are you have already witnessed court reporters plying their trade. Think of any court room scene you have been a part of, or witnessed on TV; court reporters are the quiet person in the corner typing what seems to be very slowly, but in fact is capturing each and every word in its entirety.

Bamford’s court reporters in Phoenix primarily serve private law firms, local and state government agencies and courts, trade associations, meeting planners and nonprofits.

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It is important that the information recorded by court reporters be 100% accurate. A court reporter’s transcript is an important legal document that is used before, during and after a trial has taken place. These exact testimonials, both the paper and electronic versions, are used for trial preparation, briefs, impeachment purposes, and appellate review.

The importance of having complete and wholly accurate court reporting cannot be overstated as property, freedom, and even matters of life and death can depend on a clear and accurate record. The state and federal court systems are stereotypically known for being overloaded with too many court cases, however court reporters and their work help alleviate this over-saturation of legal issues by delivering prompt, effective, and impartial information to help the judicial system flow smoothly.

Court reporters in Phoenix have a demanding job because the standards for accuracy and integrity must match perfection as close as humanly possible. Because these court reports are so intrinsically important to court cases and legal professional it is important to find court reporters in Phoenix with a long background in the field and a reputation for quality work such as Bamford Reporting Service. Our Phoenix court reporters have been continuously in business since 1989 providing the highest caliber service to our clients while staying at the forefront of the new technological services related to our field. This means that clients of Bamford Reporting Service can count on accurate, prompt transcripts and e-transcripts, and also enjoy all of the industry-related technological conveniences in order to make the court reporting process and subsequent transfer of information as convenient as possible.

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There are many intricacies of being a court reporter in Phoenix. Bamford Reporting Services offers comprehensive court reporting services including realtime court reporting, transcripts, e-transcripts, video depositions and more. See the full list of services our court reporters in Phoenix offer.