Cathy Bamford Attorney At Law Magazine: Professional Profile

Attorney At Law Magazine: Professional Profile

Cathy Bamford Of Bamford Reporting Service Inc By Nicole Girard

Fast, Accurate, Efficient

For the past 33 years, the Phoenix deposition reporters at Bamford Reporting Service have an established reputation as an attorney’s best ally. Through early implementation of the latest technological advances in the field, their unique brand of world-class customer service, efficiency and speed, they’ve established themselves as the local industry standard.

The professionals at Bamford Reporting Service pride themselves on providing the fastest (seven-to-10-day turnaround) and most accurate transcripts in the Valley. Each member of the team is certifies and has at least `12 years of experience in all aspects of litigation, including multi-party, technical, medical malpractice, complex and document-intensive cases. Theirs is a staff of highly trained, certified Realtime and Caseview net reporters.

The Bamford court reporters are among the small group of professionals that provide interactive realtime reporting. Interactive realtime is the process whereby an attorney connects his computer to the reporter’s computer to receive testimony live during the deposition or hearing, allowing him to mark, annotate or make notes within the testimony.

“This is a powerful tool for an attorney, allowing him to dissect the witness’s answer and more effectively question him during the deposition. In addition, they can walk out of the deposition with the rough-draft transcript on their computer,” said Bamford Reporting Service founder and president Cathy Bamford.

As an early adapter to the technology, she has provided her clients with top-notch, interactive realtime services for the past 20 years.

“I got into realtime at the very beginning,” Bamford said. “I wanted to stay on the cutting edge of the court reporting industry. I worked hard to hone my interactive realtime reporting skills and writing techniques so I could provide attorneys with instant access to easy-to-read testimony.”

The Bamford professionals make the process easy and stress-free by providing the attorney with an iPad, netbook or computer, for viewing the software already loaded and connected. The attorney can concentrate on taking the deposition without the hassle of connections. The transcript is guaranteed to be easy-to-read and available, for use during the deposition.

Throughout her experiences as a leader in the court reporting industry, Bamford has noticed that attorneys, who are familiar with the realtime service, have a great appreciation for it. She added that she has seen a real growth in demand for the service over the past ten years.

This comes as no surprise to Bamford as she explains that the realtime reporting makes it easier for attorneys to break down the testimony.

“It becomes especially useful cases where the witness is an engineer or scientist expounding on detailed or obscure subject matter,” she said, adding that it is a wonderful tool for use in examining a witness.

“It helps the attorney to quickly formulate a more effective line of questioning when they have the witness’s words right there in front of them,” she said. “They can go back, pick out points and really fine-tune their examination.”

Bamford has been providing court reporting services in the Valley since 1984. She has owned and operated Bamford Reporting Service since 1989. Their office is located ten minutes from Sky Harbor Airport, and their reporters will travel to any deposition throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Bamford views her comprehensive menu of services as an attorney’s greatest line of defense in and outside the deposition. Her qualified team provides all of the basic court reporting services an attorney might need, including instant rough draft, daily, expedited and many more. They provide electronic eTranscripts, pdfs, scanned exhibits, and hard-copy transcripts as well.

Attorneys facing an important case can also take advantage of the video deposition service, which includes high-quality recording equipment and talented videographers.

“Video depositions allow attorneys access to the emotional and physical stimuli presented in testimony, enabling them to produce a more complete and persuasive picture,” Bamford said. “When clips of the video footage are placed in sync with the text and presented to a jury, it adds a powerful dimension to a case.”

Bamford Reporting Service provides easy online scheduling, interpreters, a complimentary conference room for depositions, condensed transcripts and fast, seven-to-10-day turnaround for transcripts.

“I don’t know of any other court reporters who offer faster service at more affordable price,” Bamford said.

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