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Video Depositions

At Bamford Reporting Services, we are happy to provide our clients with the convenience of professional video depositions; offering experienced videographers and high-quality equipment. In addition to video depositions, we also offer livestreaming and video conferencing.

Video streaming allows you to broadcast live transcript text and deposition video anywhere in the world – in realtime. This cutting-edge technology sends the live video and text securely via the Internet – enabling entire legal teams to see the demeanor of a witness, communicate with one another, or monitor the progress of a deposition or trial.

Video Conferencing allows the attorneys and clients to save time and the expense of traveling to the deposition while still being able to view the witness and counsel at the deposition site.

We also offer video-text synchronization, allowing you to watch the deposition video as the corresponding text scrolls by. This is very effective when using the video deposition in court proceedings.

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